What is Trendbrew?

  • Trendbrew is a social commerce network where consumers own free digital storefront, earn purchase commissions, follow others or have others follow them in an engaging social commerce world
  • It is an one stop E-commerce aggregation platform consisting of products and offers from more than 700 retailers
  • Products are curated or filtered or aggregated matching consumer’s personal interests from different e-commerce sites by consumers for consumers
  • Trendbrew’s goal is to make Mobile and Online shopping easy, interesting and entertaining

What is it for the consumer?

  • Save money and earn rewards through personalized offers
  • Become famous by starting your own trends
  • Influence others on commerce purchases

How is Trendbrew different?

  • Consumers can make legitimate Free Money
  • Create a free digital trending storefront in Trendbrew
  • Brew trends on products you like from different e-commerce sites with simple click of a button
  • Invite friends and family to your store
  • Earn free money as purchase commissions
  • We are different from other e-commerce and deal sites
    • These sites give deals based on Retailer’s criteria, which may not match with consumer needs and preferences
    • Trendbrew gives power to consumer to drive the offers (My price, My timeline, My location, My shipping preferences and My rewards)
    • Retailers can now provide a personalized offer to a crowd of consumers through Trendbrew

Why should I sign-up?

Registered consumers will get the first chance to create trends on different products (clothing, jewelry, electronics, home goods, accessories, furniture, etc.) and be trend setters/owners of the trend, thus maximizing their chances of earning money through purchase commissions

What is Brew a Trend?

  • Typically we do not know how a trend got started on different products, fashion, style, etc. Trendbrew empowers and give control to the consumers to start a trend on any product he/she likes.
  • Select a product, click on brew a trend button and the brew info is published to multiple social networks.
  • As different connections like, comment, share, tweet/retweet, pinit, favorite it – the products is now brewing to become a trend based on the social buzz

What are the different ways or channels to Brew a Trend on a product?

  • Trendbrew.com or Trendbrew Mobile App (coming soon)
    • We have created an aggregated product catalog from more than 700 retailers
    • Select a product which isn’t brewing and be the first one to brew a trend for that product
  • Retailer Site
    • Drag and drop the “Consumer Bookmarklet” from Bookmarks section of the Trendbrew.com to your browser bar
    • Go to any retailer site, select a product and click on the Trendbrew Consumer Bookmarklet on the browser’s bookmarks bar
    • The bookmarklet will load the product info and you are all set to brew a trend on a product from the retailer site of your choice

How to pull your pins from Pinterest?

  • From TrendBrew Website
    • Connect with your Pinterest account
    • My Trend-Store → Social Connect
    • Trendbrew will pull pins from your Pinterest boards
  • From Pinterest Website
    • Drag and drop the “Pinterest Bookmarklet” from Bookmarks section of the Trendbrew.com to your browser
    • Go to your Pinterest account, select a pin and click on the Trendbrew Pinterest Bookmarklet on the browser bookmark’s bar
    • The bookmarklet will load the pin info and you are all set to brew a trend on a pin

What is Brew a Wish or “Buy Later”?

  • You can put your price and timeline on any product you like
  • Trendbrew will be working on your behalf to get your wish price from different retailers
  • As the price matches or is closer to your wish price, we will notify and you can make an instant purchase and earn rewards (brewpoints)

How often & when will I receive notifications for a product I brewed a wished for?

  • Trendbrew will try to match best price offers from different retailers to your wish price every day
  • If any price offer from one or more retailers matches or closer to your wish price, an email notification and mobile app notification will be sent out

What is a personalized offer?

A personalized offer is typically an offer on product from one or multiple retailers matching consumer’s wish price and timeline

What is a CLO Offer?

  • Card Linked Offers (CLO) are provided by credit card networks (Visa, Master, Discover, Amex) and Issuing Banks (Citi, Chase, Bank Of America, etc)
  • Trendbrew personalizes offer for a consumer by matching a CLO to a wish price

What is Brew a Buzz?

  • Do you want to be a Social Influencer?
  • Give your comments and thoughts on a product with just one click
  • Trendbrew publishes your comments to different social networks as social buzz

What is Brew a Like?

  • Brew a like on product is a mechanism for a consumer to follow a brew or just like it so that the product trends
  • Trendbrew publishes your likes to different social networks

What is Find Your Style?

  • Every individual has his/her own style based on lifestyle and different roles or personas he/she adheres to in personal and professional life
  • @Trendbrew we want to cater to consumer behavior and lifestyle based shopping and hence categorized the product catalog per your style (persona: student, working man/woman, active man/woman, parent, fashionista, high roller, etc)
  • Please click on “All” to check out products/categories/retailers/brands across all styles (personas)

What is a Trendscore?

  • Trendscore is a mechanism to measure the positive social trending of a specific product
  • Trendbrew has a patented algorithm to process 30-35 different social and other trending parameters to calculate the Trendscore
  • Trendscore is scored out of 100
  • Any product with 60 or above Trendscore is displayed in the Trending dashboard (Top Trends) of the Trendbrew web and mobile apps

How to earn BrewPoints?

There are multiple ways to earn BrewPoints
  1. Signup – 100 points
  2. Connect to social network – 20 points for each connect
  3. Influence a friend/connection to sign up – 25 points for each signup
  4. Brew a Trend – 5 points for each brew
  5. Buy a Product –Earn % of product price as points
  6. Each time anyone buys a product you have “brewed a trend” Earn % of product price as purchase commission in points

How to redeem BrewPoints

  • You can redeem BrewPoints as gift cards (of minimum $25)
  • Coming Soon: You’ll be able to redeem BrewPoints as cash, air miles, bitcoins, hotel points