About Us
About Us

We are a small team of perseverant individuals with loads of passion to innovate, build and operate. We strongly believe that startups are not only about solving a specific problem but creating a value driving opportunity to every one involved.

TrendBrew did not happen overnight. We started with a vision for building a consumer behavior based information exchange two years back. After feedback and validation from industry experts, we did a pivot a year ago and embarked this journey to create “A Social Trending Platform” for e-commerce, food, sports, media and entertainment.

We are very excited to bring this “New Age Social Commerce Network” to start with and more such trending platforms to follow…

Your support and encouragement will keep us on our toes every day. Please send us a note at social@trendbrew.com. We love to hear from you with any feedback, appreciation or just hello!!

So what’s brewing today?